Find balance, strength and serenity

At Tonic we welcome students of all levels to our state of the art facility designed to help you achieve the life altering benefits that yoga can bestow - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our friendly community of instructors welcomes anyone who wants to be their best and we will challenge you to help you get there. Our instructors continually evolve to bring you the most current and skillful practice and education.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Muscle lengthening, strengthening and toning
  • Supports recovery from injury and illness
  • Improved sleep, digestion and metabolism
  • Stress reduction

Yoga Instructors

Phoebe Sloan Portrait

Phoebe Sloan

Laurie Schoonmaker Portrait

Laurie Schoonmaker

Erin Betz Portrait

Erin Betz

Jenna Cron Portrait

Jenna Cron

Lisa Blakely Portrait

Lisa Blakely

Michelle Ostermyer Portrait

Michelle Ostermyer

Nancy Sloan Portrait

Nancy Sloan

Maribeth Phibbs Portrait

Maribeth Phibbs

Heather McDonnell Portrait

Heather McDonnell

Sue Lee Portrait

Sue Lee

What People are Saying
  • Tonic has really helped me to build my yoga practice through helpful instruction and comfortable environment.

  • Such a beautiful place with wonderful classes. Staff is very supportive.

  • Tonic is amazing and there is no other place like it.

  • Yoga at Tonic has helped me physically and spiritually and I'm so happy I chose to come there!

  • Tonic is a part of my daily routine, I can't imagine my life without it!